Blurb Services

Blurb Creation/Polishing Services

A “blurb” is the short description of your book that visitors see on Amazon.  Along with a good cover, the blurb is what sells a book – it’s what causes viewers to push the BUY button.  Blurbs have historically been a challenge for authors to optimize.

To my surprise, I found that writing blurbs was one of the most interesting parts of being an author. I really enjoy creating them and I like to help authors polish existing blurbs. This is something that I do for fun when I have time.

Here’s how it works.  Send me a synopsis of your story – just a few paragraphs with the main points. However, you don’t need to include the ending of the story. The blurbs that I write are usually somewhat short – three paragraphs at most.  If your genre requires a longer one, we can work together on that.

I do this for fun and have a regular job. That means most of my communication happens at night.  Onward and upward!